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Legislative Activities

Tracking of plenary sessions and committee meetings. Each session and each meeting has its own page, for example:
Monthly reports - consolidate information regarding plenary sessions and meetings, legislative matters voted on and action by the committees, within the scope of the Federal Senate and in the National Congress
Presidency Report - annual publication containing information on the Legislative Process and action by members of the Congress during the Legislative Session, within the scope of the Federal Senate and of the National Congress







On-site Services

Library - searches in the RVBI databases (in the case of finalization with book lendings)
Address: Senado Federal - Praça dos Três Poderes –
Palácio do Congresso, Anexo II,Térreo – Brasília (DF)
From Monday to Friday (except holidays) - Opening hours: 9 am to 6.30 pm
Contact: (61) 3303-1267 / (61) 3303-1268
Archive – On-site research and provision of reprographic copies - form-based scheduling:
Address: Senado Federal - Avenida N2, Bloco 14 – Brasília (DF)
From Monday to Friday (except holidays) - Opening hours: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.
Contact: (61) 3303-4076 / (61) 3303-3425
E-mail: arquivo@senado.gov.br
Inclusive Senate Program - equipment loan and assisted accessibility during visits to the Federal Senate, publications in Braille
Address: Avenida N2 – SEGRAF – Bloco 04 (ao lado da Caixa Econômica) - Brasília (DF)
Phone#: (61) 3303-2744 or (61) 3303-4311
E-mail: acessibilidade@senado.leg.br
National Congress Visit Program - online palace visit schedule: