Ferramentas Pessoais

Technical Advisory Council of the Independent Fiscal Institution (IFI) of the Federal Senate

- Established by the Federal Senate President Act nº 8/2019, the Technical Advisory Council (CAT) is previewed in the Federal Senate Resolution nº 42/2016, which created the IFI, and is regulated by the Directing Committee Act nº 10/2016. The Council has consultative character, contributing to the work of the IFI economists with opinions, information and analyses about the institution’s publication and work plan. The minutes of activities and discussions undertaken in the CAT meetings of the CAT will be published on this page.

- The CAT members are chosen according to the Resolution n° 42/2016 (Article I, § 9th): “The Independent Fiscal Institution will have a Technical Advisory Council, which will meet preferably every month, composed of up to five Brazilians of spotless reputation and notorious knowledge in the subjects of the Institution, to be appointed by the Executive Director of the Board of Directors for an indeterminate period.”

- Members of the Technical Advisory Council designated by the Federal Senate President Act nº 8/2019, following the indication of the Executive Director Felipe Scudeler Salto, contained in the IFI Memorandum nº 8/2019:

1. BERNARD APPY, former Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (curriculum)

2. GUSTAVO JORGE LABOISSIÈRE LOYOLA, former President of the Brazilian Central Bank (curriculum)

3. JOSÉ ROBERTO RODRIGUES AFONSO, PhD in Economics from the University of Campinas – Unicamp (curriculum)

4. MONICA BAUMGARTEN DE BOLLE, Director of the Johns Hopkins SAIS Latin American Studies Program and Emerging Markets Specialization. (curriculum)

5. YOSHIAKI NAKANO, Director of the São Paulo School of Economics at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) (curriculum)