Commitment to the Parliament: We must always be committed to the appreciation of the Legislative Branch as the foundation of democracy, providing congressmen with an adequate environment, characterized by quality, efficiency, readiness, harmony, security and comfort, so that they can perform their functions as representatives of the people. We also have the duty to serve all people and entities that seek the Senate with efficiency, civility and readiness, treating everyone with dignity and respect.
Commitment to Excellence in the delivery of public services: Those responsible for the administration, at all levels, must be fair, ethical and up to date on the best technologies of public management, of people and processes. Rigorous quality standards in the work performance must be demanded, based on appropriate targets and indicators. Merit and effort must be acknowledged and rewarded. Inappropriate conduct should be detected, investigated and combated. Adequate training and continuous training for the proper exercise of their functions should be provided to all.
Commitment to the Quality of Life of the personnel: Everyone must be treated with dignity and be considered in their individuality. They must have a workplace which is healthy, pleasant, safe, clean, accessible, free of pollution and adapted to their needs and limitations. The work environment must be one of harmony and cooperation, free of prejudice and aggression. Everyone must be adequately remunerated for the importance of the job they perform and for the excellence required in their performance. Health care should be a priority and there should be encouragement to physical activities and healthy lifestyle habits.
Commitment to Equality: No one shall be discriminated against or have their rights, responsibilities or  limited opportunities because of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, creed, origin or social status. There should be prevention and protection against sexual or moral harassment, and those identified cases must be prosecuted and punished.
Commitment to the Free Dissemination of Ideas: Everyone should feel free and encouraged to present their opinions and ideas to their peers, superiors or subordinates, and see it being discussed and considered in the decision making process, in order to create an environment of permanent intellectual effervescence. This contributes to new practices that improve the quality of the services we deliver to society.
Commitment to Transparency: The information provided by the Federal Senate to the control bodies, media, senators, Senate personnel or members of society in general, should be characterized by correctness, precision, clearness and celerity. The strategic planning and purposes of the
Administration must be widely known, in order to be considered at all levels of management and governance.
Commitment to Responsibility in using public resources: We must constantly search for intelligent solutions that involve the lowest possible cost to achieve the quality and efficiency objectives we pursue. The sharing of experiences and cooperation with other public bodies and institutions, especially within the Legislative Branch, must be valued.
Commitment to Sustainability: We must use natural resources with responsibility and thrift, always considering the environmental impact of the decisions and actions we take. We should promote, practice and stimulate the rational use of water, energy, paper and other resources, as well as the recycling of materials and reduction of waste production. Besides, we should seek options that involve greater environmental efficiency in the use of products or services required to perform our function.
Commitment to Accessibility: The whole architectural complex and all communication must be planned in such a way that the personnel and citizens with limitations may have access, with dignity and autonomy, to the spaces, services and information produced by the Federal Senate.
Commitment to the Federal Senate Heritage: We should promote the protection and organization of Senate documents and assets, in order to preserve its heritage and allow, according to the law, wide and easy access to the collection, which is an important part of the history and culture of our institution and of our country.
Commitment to Community: We must support and participate in actions of education, mobility, sports, culture, awareness, solidarity and citizenship, which contribute to the quality of life in our cities and country. We must use the public services available in order to preserve the spaces and the heritage on which we exert any kind of influence.
To exert the representation of the Federation Units and the legislative
and controlling duties, strengthening the federative democratic system, encouraging the participation of society and the integration of the states, and promoting, with social justice, the quality of life of the Brazilian people.
To be a reference of a legislative institution recognized for its excellence in the exercise of its constitutional duties, with the participation of society, characterized as a foundation of democracy, federation and sustainable development, and recognized for its excellence in the exercise of governance and public management.
Strategic Goals
Increase efficiency and rationality in the use of public funds
Continuous improvement of the work processes
Increase appreciation of people
Strengthen transparency and communication
Readjust physical infrastructure
Preserve Senate Heritage
Focus on target activities of the Senate estrategico