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Brazilian delegation of senators and the wives of Venezuelan parliamentarians [Photo by Tadeu Sposito/Agencia Senado]

Senators express solidarity towards parliamentarians who faced hostility in Venezuela

The delegation intended to visit opposition leaders of the Venezuelan government who find themselves arrested in the capital of that country. After several hours waiting for a diplomatic solution, which would allow them to conclude their mission, the group decided to return to Brasília.

President of the Chamber, Eduardo Cunha, and president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros [Photo by Pedro França]

Congress seeks new design of federation, Calheiros says to mayors

The Senate's president, Renan Calheiros, stated that it's crucial to 'seek a new design for the federation'. Calheiros, along with the president of the Chamber, Eduardo Cunha, opened a meeting between mayors and authorities of the Legislative to discuss the federative pact.

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