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07/07/2014 - 05h35 - Last updated: 07/07/2014 - 18h24

Buarque remembers ten years from the death of Leonel Brizola

Senator Cristovam Buarque and Leonel Brizola in 1995

By remembering the tenth anniversary of the death of Brizola, senator Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF) said, "If he was alive," Brizola would not allow political parties to do unimaginable coalitions for years”.

In Buarque’s evaluation, left wing parties used to be different and did no coalitions such as nowadays, which became equal to the others.

The senator also said that, if Brizola were a president candidate in the next election, he would defend a revolution in education, he would fight against illiteracy and invest in science and technology.

“I regret, like all Brazilians who know the history, the loss of Brizola at that time. But I still mourn, ten years later. At that time, it was a human being who died. Nowadays, it is not only a human being who died, but a leader who disappeared in a moment where the history of Brazil needed,” said the senator.

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